Friday, January 13, 2006

I've been here for nearly two weeks, and already I'm falling in love with the place. It is, as my sister's co-worker said, a beautiful location. I've never cared for the winter, which works out quite well, since this place never sees temperatures below about 75 F. The scenery is lush and there are palm trees everywhere. Occasionally I'm struck again with the thought, I'm really in Malaysia! I really am here!

The teaching position is a joy. I'm becoming quite convinced that God has been preparing me and directing my experiences for the last several years in order to ready me for it. My job at the science museum, the year I spent substitute teaching, my time overseas in Europe when I was a little girl...all these things and many others have made it so easy to adapt to the demands of the job...which hardly feel like demands at all! I can't imagine a more suitable job for myself.

The families working here have been very welcoming. They invite me to eat with them and join their weekend activities. My first weekend here I got to go to a water park with a few different families. What a blessing they are to me! Tonight one of my students is sleeping over. Such fun!

I'm really enjoying living above the school as well. Talk about an easy commute! It's also great because there are three families that live in this neighborhood. I can walk to their homes in a matter of a few minutes! Most of them walk to school, which tells me that this is a safe place. I'm so thankful that it is.

So there you have it. The beginning of my life in Malaysia. :)

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